After seeking valuable feedback from their customers, Basler now announce the next generation of their successful ace series.

The new ace 2 series will include two product lines:

  • ace 2 Basic for standard vision requirements and
  • ace 2 Pro with unique features such as Compression Beyond, Pixel Beyond and PGI for maximum performance

Four models in each of the product lines will kick off the new ace 2 series. They will have Sony’s IMX392 sensor, 2.3 MP resolution and deliver up to 160 fps. Both product lines will offer excellent image quality thanks to state-of-the-art CMOS sensor technology, an optimised hardware design and improved firmware.

The difference between the Basic and Pro ace 2 product lines lies in the integrated features: Ace 2 Basic has a powerful Computer Vision feature set for standard vision needs where as the Ace 2 Pro has the unique new Beyond features from Basler for more demanding tasks with maximum performance.

The advantage to the customer – you only pay for what you really need !