The Basler beat series featuring outstanding high speeds and resolutions that make them perfect for a variety of applications in the electronics industry. The Basler beat is especially well suited for semiconductor inspections, such as measurement and testing.

In the field of semiconductor inspection, cameras are used during production of electrical components and in the assembling of circuit boards. This ensures the quality on even the smallest components. As the processes continue to become ever faster the cameras themselves must be able to work at great speeds and more precisely than ever before.

The Basler beat camera with a 12 MP resolution and a frame rate of more than 62 fps, makes it an ideal fit for these applications. For Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), solder paste inspection and die bonding applications in particular, where rapid throughput and high quality images are needed.  The Camera Link interface and the extremely sensitive CMV12000 CMOS sensor on the Basler beat makes it an optimal camera choice.

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