The Basler beat joins the Basler area scan camera portfolio, with both monochrome (beA4000-62km) and colour (beA4000-62kc) models.

The Basler beat 12 megapixel high-resolution camera uses the super-sensitive next-generation CMOSIS sensor, the CMV12000 with the latest progressive scan and global shutter technology. The Basler beat processes 62fps, with high throughput thanks to the Camera Link interface. Despite its high frame rates and resolutions, the Basler beat delivers outstanding image quality.

The cameras are suited for all types of measurement and identification tasks. They are frequently used in the semi-conductor and electronics manufacturing fields. Thanks to its high resolution levels, the series is also suitable for use in traffic applications, including licence plate recognition and multi-lane recording. In addition, the Basler beat can be used for medical and laboratory automation applications such as fluorescence microscopy.

Basler beat cameras are designed to meet industrial standards such as Camera Link and GenICam. Basler’s free pylon Camera Software Suite is based on the GenICam standard and works with all models in the Basler beat series.