You can now visit and register on Imaginghub, a new community that supports users in combining embedded design and vision technology. The web-based collaboration portal is a unique platform for engineers, software developers, ranging from beginner to professional level.

Imaginghub meets the emerging trend towards combining embedded design and vision technology. The embedded approach allows compact high-performance systems for a wide variety of applications, but integrating a high-quality board level camera requires knowledge and resources. As a community portal, Imaginghub aims to facilitate mutual exchange of design experiences and therefore reduce integration efforts on the way to cost-effective embedded vision solutions.

The Imaginghub portal is based on three areas: Forums, Projects, and Partners. The forums area is used to discuss technologies, applications, and product opportunities. In separate project rooms, developers can work together on embedded vision projects and use the partner area to find suitable hardware, software, and integration partners for those projects.

At Imaginghub you can:
  • connect with other engineers, developers, and manufacturers from all over the world
  • exchange ideas with others, discuss applications, and work together to find the best solution for your embedded vision project
  • search for reference designs and application examples
  • find technology or integration partners in the partners gallery
Are you facing a tricky embedded vision project? Check out how others have solved similar challenges, connect with partners, and publish your project on
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