The boost is Basler’s first camera with a CoaXPress 2.0 interface, offering its users a high bandwidth for data transmissions. New CMOS sensors combined with the latest frame grabber technology makes it a breeze to quickly transfer large data volumes across long distances, with up to 40 metre cable lengths.

With the latest CoaXPress 2.0 standard interface (or CXP 2.0), the Basler boost camera achieves a maximum bandwidth of up to 12.5 Gbps with a single CXP cable. The precise triggering with the CXP cable eliminates the need for a separate I/O cable, making a single-cable solution possible in combination with power-over-CXP (PoCXP) resulting in significant cost reductions.

Basler combines this advancement in interface technology with the best CMOS sensors.  The Sony IMX253 or IMX255 delivers resolutions of 12 or 9 megapixels respectively with maximum frame rates of 68 fps or 93 fps. Also on offer is a combination of camera and matching interface card from a single source in the form of the Basler boost bundle.

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