Board Level Goes GigE

HIKrobot CB Series of Board Level GigE Cameras!

HIKrobot have added to their CB series of board level cameras with an all new GigE model! The full CB Series of area scan cameras offer USB Vision and now GigE vision interfaces as well as bare board, C-Mount, and S-Mount lens options. These incredibly small footprint cameras offer exceptional performance and is easier than ever before for user to integrate them into systems.

CB Series Cameras are designed with a single or multi-board stacked, which supports GigE Vision or U3V protocols. Unbeatable on price to performance in industry, this embedded camera is perfect for industrial embedded, 3D, and Medical applications.

Outstanding price/performance

High quality and exceptional performance levels combined with competitive pricing; The HIKrobot CB series is providing many vision professionals with the camera they long for when requiring a compact or embedded vision solutions for a wide range of applications.