Advanced Remote Inspections for UK Nuclear Industry

Multipix have been supporting Assystem in the development of an innovative 360o laser scanning device, for obtaining high accuracy scans of the internal faces of channels, vessels and pipework.

The Assystem Omnidirectional Laser Probe produces high resolution 3D visualisations, allowing for accurate measurements to be taken from the derived point cloud data.

The collected data allows the clients to assess the condition and structural integrity of their plants at a level of detail which was previously not possible. What were once subjective visual inspections, can now be highly detailed metric scans. The cylindrical scan outputs are unwrapped to allow for viewing and analysis. Using bespoke data fusion techniques, the data will allow for long term trending and automated defect detection.

Initial development of the device has been for applications in the UK nuclear industry, where the equipment will be required to operate in a variety of harsh environments – temperature, humidity and radiation.

Scan Output Reconstruction (Top) and Related Photographs (Bottom)

The devices use a variety of CMOS cameras and a laser diode selected to suit the likely conditions of the surface requiring inspection.

Image data is all processed in MVTec HALCON using a combination of standard functions, supplemented by bespoke code algorithms developed by Assystem.