A whole range of defects can make materials like foil, metal, or non-woven textiles, for example, useless for production. To make sure no spot, scratch, or contamination compromises the quality of the material used, a German customer of Basler used sprint line scan cameras to take a scrutinising look at the materials on conveyor belts. This was done using a ‘UniscanDETECTOR inspection system’.

Defects can range from holes, spots, changes of patterns in the material to embedded contamination or foreign objects on the surface. Whatever their nature, the use of a Basler sprint alongside a ‘UniscanDETECTOR’ makes sure even the minutest flaws are detected, even at speeds of up to 2000 m per minute.

Why not take a read of Basler’s Success Story “Continuous Strip Inspection with Basler sprint Line Scan Cameras” below to find out all about using a sprint camera in continuous strip inspection.