Determine the Source of an Infection Quickly and Accurately – with BioVendor Instruments’ MALDI COLONYST and Basler dart USB 3.0 Cameras.

The field of microbial identification is changing rapidly and MALDI TOF (Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation Time-of-Flight) mass spectrometry has become the standard. MALDI TOF users contacted BioVendor Instruments to request an automation function for the pre-measurement preparation processes, which had been manual up to then – and this ultimately resulted in the main concept behind the MALDI COLONYST robot.

Basler’s customer BioVendor Instruments is part of the BioVendor Group, a major distributor for clinical diagnostics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as a global manufacturer of immunoassays, recombinant proteins, antibodies and molecular biology diagnostic kits. BioVendor Instruments was founded as a manufacturer of the hardware and software supporting these technologies. The main goal was the production of a robotics system for the automation, tracking and recording of the preparation process. This system was also intended to speed up the preparation process, make it reproducible and enable the removal of several colonies from a single Petri dish to better process more complex samples and mixed cultures without increasing the costs.

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