Bin Picking Highly Variable & Complex Parts

How do you pick complex parts like a croissant?

The IMR are no stranger to tackling some of the most complex tasks in vision. Many sectors in industry produce batches of material in random orientation and need a better way to sort product that has a large variability, complex non-geometric shaped parts.

Bin picking solutions are available but there are trade-offs in terms of speed, product shape, and accuracy of pick and place. Many systems do not have the capability to deal with large variability in product shape and size.

Cue the IMR

The challenge faced in the complexity of this bin picking application uses multiple different technologies to achieve the following:

  • Random bin picking of objects with a certain level of variability (±15% of object volume)  
  • Cycle time maximise, 
  • Complex non-geometric shaped product. 
  • Non-symmetrical shaped product 
  • Alignment on pick and place

Using industry leading image processing software, HALCON from MVTec, the IMR are able to to process the 3D data, localise product in all orientations and positions, pass coordinates to the robot and achieve 10ppm comparable with commercial solutions. Read the  full case study here