Label Verification

A commercial printing company specialising in the production of bottle and package labels required verification of label stacks prior to final shipment. Stacks containing very similar labels could be accidentally mixed, and shipped, resulting in mislabelling of product by an end user. A mislabelled product is both an aesthetic and potential safety problem that can result in returns, lost time, and significant cost. . The system features a conveyor to transport operator loaded label stacks past a standard resolution camera with diffused on-axis LED illumination. The camera position is adjustable relative to the trigger point of the label so that a specific, differentiable area would be in the field of view for a given label, maximizing the possibility of positive differentiation with similar label types. The camera height is also adjustable to accommodate different label stacks. A custom control panel allows an operator to configure and train each label using one or all of three key inspection tools. During inspection the system validates that the current label stack is correct, and groups them into stacks before passing them along to a wrapper.


Application Highlights:

  • Verification of label stacks prior to final shipment
  • Fully integrated stand-alone inspection station with conveyor system
  • Custom interface designed to accommodate various part types
  • Includes a diffused on-axis light to produce even and high contrast images of the label
  • Adjustable camera mounting position and height to accommodate different label types


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