Measuring Hole Depth & Concentricity

Measuring hole depth using depth from focus techniques.

Multipix have worked with Fisher Smith for many years and brought some of the most complex vision tasks to them. The task on this occasion was to investigate how to measure the depth, diameter and concentricity of a drilled hole in a small metal part. Fisher Smith put together a demonstration using a camera mounted on a motion stage with the stage triggering the camera on the fly every 10um.


The stage moves the camera through the focus then the suite of images are inspected and the position of the image that is sharpest is recorded. The diameter is measured on this image and recorded too. This operation is carried out at the top and bottom of the hole enabling the hole depth, diameter and concentricity to be calculated.

This is a perfect example of how machine vision can be used to carry out accurate inspection and eliminate any human error.


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