After the galvanising process at most coating companies, inspectors have to perform the difficult task of distinguishing and sorting good versus defective parts. This visual inspection requires bright light to find defects. However, the mirrored surfaces reflect the bright light, making the inspection very difficult for the human eye. The inspection also needs to be very fast. This is why an increasing number of companies are looking for automated processes to perform this highly sophisticated task.

A customer of camera manufactuer Basler have produced a system that consists of three Basler ace L cameras, an industrial PC, two industrial robots, a container transport belt and safety barriers. It automatically lifts the parts from the containers, performs a 100% visual inspection and sorts the parts according to the inspection results.

In Basler’s Success Story “Let It Shine – Automated Optical Inspection of High Gloss Automotive Parts’ you learn exactly how this system works and why the Basler ace L camera is so well-suited for this application.

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