Phoxi 3D scanner helps automated handling of heavy gas cylinders

Photoneo have recently been a part of a project to design a prototype of an efficient mobile manipulator robot to automate the moving and preparing of gas cylinders.

This procedure is currently performed manually, so the aim is to increase safety and eliminate injuries such as muscle and back damage to the work force as they manually handle these heavy bottles. Automation of the process should also improve traceability, stock control and the digitalisation of operations within the filling center.

The customer decided on the PhoXi 3D Scanner M based on its high accuracy and a scanning volume that fits the application requirements. The PhoXi 3D Scanner M is used to make a 3D point cloud reconstruction of the bottles. To localise so that the system can calculate the center of each bottle and send a command to the robot arm to pick them on the basis of exact co-ordinates.

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