Toshiba Teli collaborate with TriEye to commercialise SWIR

The Worlds FIRST HD SWIR Camera

TriEye announces collaboration with Toshiba Teli. The two companies are working together to commercialise a SWIR camera for industrial-related processes and applications.

TriEye and Toshiba Teli have successfully built the world’s first Industrial oriented CMOS-based HD SWIR camera. Currently, industrial machine vision systems lack vital image data required for full-range functionality.

Although InGaAs-based SWIR sensing has been around for decades, it remained limited to industries like semiconductor fabrication, aerospace, and science due to the high costs and low production yield.

The Toshiba Teli camera range offers USB, GigE, and CoaXPress area scan cameras packed with features such as the Teli IP-Core. The new partnership not only expands their already impressive line up, it offers additional layers of information and reshapes the industrial sector for SWIR imaging.

Multipix are the UK and Ireland distributor for Toshiba Teli, and we are very excited for this new camera!

You can read the full story from TriEye here!