The latest CMOS sensors now being used in machine vision cameras are in many cases surpassing the abilities of the CCD sensor. Their high speeds (frame rate) and resolution (number of pixels), their low power consumption, as well as improved noise characteristics, quantum efficiency, and colour concepts have opened them up to applications previously reserved for CCD sensors.

For example, the popular CMV2000 and CMV4000 CMOS sensors from CMOSIS feature a pixel size of 5.5 µm and global shutter technology, capturing images in high precision even with difficult lighting conditions.

Some of the best CMOS sensor camera models to hit the market place include the Basler ace model and the new Basler beat model utilising the CMOSIS CMOS sensor. The perfect choice for a variety of applications, such as factory automation, traffic monitoring applications, and in medical industry.

In addition there is the highly acclaimed Sony IMX174 model  offering 155fps with 2.3MP resolution and the 10MP & 14MP Aptina sensors models, the Aptina A-pix technology providing for very small pixels and a small 1/2.3” sensor size.

IO Industries have established a market for the successful Flare Camera Series also using the CMOSIS sensors with 2MP, 4MP and 12MP models available with CameraLink, CoaXpress and HD-SDI interface model for the ultimate high speed, high resolution image capture.

Recently IMPERX launched their latest Cheetah camera series giving 6MP and 12MP resolution models incorporating the On-Semi CMOS sensor technology, suggesting these cameras are ideal for not only machine vision, but also surveillance, reconnaissance, aerospace and intelligent traffic systems.