Tracking your order

If your order has been place via our web shop you will receive an email confirmation including tracking details where possible.

Amending your order

We’re sorry but it’s generally not possible to make changes to your order.  You will need to return your order following the Returns and Refunds procedure.

Cancelling your order

Please email webadmin@multipix.com to inform us that you would like to cancel your order. Include your full details and Order number. We will contact you to complete the process.

If your order has already been shipped you will need to return the item(s) by following our Returns and Refunds procedure.


Product not available to buy on-line

The on-line shop is for low volume, popular items.  All products shown on our website are available to purchase.  Please contact sales@multipix.com for a quotation.

General Enquiries – sales@multipix.com

Web Shop Enquiries – websales@multipix.com