Datalogic launch new MX-E Series Vision Processors powered by IMPACT software

New Vision Processors gives Maximum Power and Extreme Flexibility

The MX-E Series of GigE vision processors delivers extraordinary computing power and unmatched application flexibility guaranteeing long-term product availability. The highest-quality hardware components delivered in a rugged chassis ensure robustness and long-life service.

Compared with the previous MX vision processor generation, the MX-E processors are up to 25% faster, with extended camera support to the new E series cameras and feature external dongles compatible with the MX-U Series.

Three different models are available according to the application requirements, featuring the ultimate Intel multi-core chipsets: the entry-level, cost effective MX-E20 supporting two cameras, the mid-range MX-E40 and the high-end, quad core MX-E80 both supporting two or four cameras.

All MX-E Series models are available either with PNP or NPN digital I/Os for complete configuration versatility. Two different digital I/O boards and two or four camera ports (MX-E40 and MX-E80 only) result in 10 different hardware configurations that guarantee outstanding application flexibility.

Superior image processing capabilities, combined with the GigE high speed connectivity, make the MX-E Series the perfect choice for demanding multi-camera vision inspections in any industry, from packaging to pharmaceutical, and electronics to automotive.

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