Defining The New Standard – CoaXPress 2.0

The next step in high speed machine vision interfaces

You’re probably aware that last June the CoaXPress 2.0 (CXP 2.0) interface standard officially launched, and now we have some stand out products to make the most of it.

To recap here are just a few of the the benefits that the new standard promises and why it’s important to make sure your machine vision gear is up to date to take advantage of them:

  • Easy setup with fewer cables needed, with high bandwidth of up to 40m in length
  • A data transfer speed increase of up to 12.5Gb/s with CXP-12
  • Multiple frame grabber support for one camera
  • Unified Time Stamping function for the reporting of events coming from devices, hosts, and software such as when exposure time begins
  • Error reporting through counters for a clear view of the link quality during camera operation

Hard wearing, high speed

Taking advantage of  such important developments in interface technology requires the right know-how. Imperx are specialists in heavy duty cameras across industrial, medical and military applications and recently released their brand new range of CMOS sensors, including high resolution CXP 2.0 compatible models.

These rugged, high speed CXP 2.0 cameras are ideal for a huge variety of industrial, manufacturing & business applications. Prime examples include: optical inspection, LCD inspection (Dead Pixel cameras), Line scan, medical imaging (endoscopy, microscopes), military, aerial mapping.  Available in up to 31 megapixels they also feature built-in imaging processing, programmable corrections, auto-exposure, auto-gain, auto-iris control, and programmable exposure with precision down to one microsecond.


Imperx CXP 2.0

To compliment the new generation of high speed CXP cameras Euresys has been expanding its CXP-12 compatible Coaxlink line. The new low profile Mono and Duo models compliment their existing heavy duty Quad, so you can take advantage of much improved data rates and higher resolution images with enhanced processing on the FPGA.


Euresys CXP 2.0 Framegrabbers


CXP 2.0 is a promising and relatively new standard and Multipix will keep you updated with all the CXP-12 compatible products, so you can stay ahead of the technology curve.

Take a look at the  latest IMPERX Cheetah Models utilsing CXP 2.0