Detect and identify with FLIR A400/A700 thermal cameras

FLIR A400/A700 Thermal Image Streaming Camera series offer the monitoring capabilities needed to accurately detect and identify thermal issues across manufacturing and industrial processes.

With multiple field-of-view choices, multi-streaming capabilities, motorised focus control and optional compressed radiometric streaming over Wi-Fi, these fixed-mount camera solutions can tackle the most complex remote monitoring objectives. With the smart sensor configuration, the cameras include a variety of different measurement tools and the ability to sound alarms when they are required.

There are two different ranges of the A400 & A700 series. The Smart Sensor Series and the Image Streaming Series:

The IA400 or A700 for Image Streaming offers a more detailed view of what it is you are analysing through the camera, whereas the Smart Sensor series offers built-in analytics ready to be interpreted onto your system/s.


  • The option of having a total of 4 different lenses
  • WiFi is optional on all cameras allowing connectivity between cameras
  • Optional use of MSX® for image enhancement
  • Features macro mode for more detailed analysis
  • High image quality with each range, for crisper images than ever
  • Accurate measurements (+2°C) throughout the series
  • Flexible alarm systems tailored to your needs based on the reference temperature
  • Superior connectivity, through features such as WiFi, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet/IP. All of which simplifies integration into HMI/SCADAPrepares for digitisation through MQTT protocol
  • Integrates easily into web services with the REST API over XML or JSON
  • Improves the definition of areas of interest and object analysis with the polygon line function
  • Superior I/O control via Modbus TCP Master enables integration with industrial automation systems using analogue and digital control
  • Improves temperature accuracy for objects near and far with precision motorised focus
  • Increases contrast in even-temperature scenes and enhance edge detail in low light using FSX® (Flexible Scene Enhancement) technology