EasySegment tool makes easy work of Anomaly Detection

Eureys launch their latest version Open eVision to include EasySegment –  the segmentation tool of the Deep Learning Bundle.

EasySegment performs defect detection and segmentation. It identifies parts that contain defects, and precisely pinpoints where they are in the image. When using its unsupervised mode, EasySegment works by learning a model of what is a “good” sample (i.e. a sample without any defect). This is done by training it only with images of “good” samples. Then, the tool can be used to classify new images as good or defective and segment the defects from these images.

By training only with images of good samples, the unsupervised mode of EasySegment is able to perform inspection even when the type of defect is not known beforehand or when defective samples are not readily available.

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Watch the Euresys tutorial on Unsupervised defect segmentation with deep learning studio – EasySegment library

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