Cameras long ago secured their place in our daily life. This doesn’t just apply to the cameras in our smartphones or the digital cameras we use for vacation snapshots. ATM machines, toll booths, security firms guarding buildings and eye doctors using slit lamps all rely on cameras to perform their jobs.

Yet even the most observant of us can easily overlook the majority of the devices — because they involve very small cameras used in embedded systems. Medicine and research in particular require cameras that perform well day after day in the important work being done by and for scientists, physicians, nurses and patients — all without ever drawing the focus to themselves.

To assist with embedded vision solution Basler have launched the new PowerPack concept,  allowing you to easily set up a camera system for your specific application. The PowerPack comes with a Basler camera and the various accessories required to get your system up and running.  Embedded vision is used widely within Medical applications – take a closer look at the medical areas where Basler camera technology come to their aid.

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