Euresys expand Open eVision Deep Learning Bundle to include EasyLocate

EasyLocate is the localisation and identification library which is part of the Deep Learning Bundle of Euresys Open eVision. It is used to locate and identify objects, products, or defects in the image. It has the capability of distinguishing overlapping objects, therefore EasyLocate is suitable for counting the number of object instances. In practice, EasyLocate predicts the bounding box surrounding each object, or defect, it has found in the image and assigns a class label to each bounding box. It must be trained with images where the objects or defects that must be found have been annotated with a bounding box and a class label.

Why Choose Open eVision’s Deep Learning Bundle?

  • Deep Learning Bundle has been tailored for analysing images, particularly within machine vision applications.
  • Deep Learning Bundle has a simple API and the user can benefit from the power of deep learning technologies with only a few lines of code.
  • Try before you buy: Deep Learning Bundle comes with the free Deep Learning Studio training and evaluation application.

EasyClassify, EasySegment and EasyLocate cannot be purchased separately. They are only available as part of the Deep Learning Bundle.
Download and evaluate Deep Learning Bundle using Deep Learning Studio today.