Euresys launch Open eVision 2.16 with new 3D Match tool

Euresys add a new library & features to their eVision, extending the capabilities even further.

Easy3DMatch is a new Open eVision tool.

It features alignment functions to find the exact pose (position and orientation) of acquired 3D objects using a reference model. This model can be specified as a reference point cloud or as a 3D mesh from CAD software.

After the alignment of the 3D data with the reference model, Easy3DMatch can search for local discrepancies, like holes, bumps, scratches, gaps… The list of detected anomalies is returned along with their individual position, distance and area. New point clouds with distances and colored data can be generated and displayed by the interactive Open eVision 3D viewer. Easy3D is required for all 3D developments and is included in the Easy3DMatch license.

Easy3DMatch is compatible with all 3D sensors that produce point clouds, depth maps or height maps (ZMap).

Easy OCR2

EasyOCR2 now supports Optical Character Recognition powered by deep learning technologies. It comes with two pre-trained character classifiers that work out of the box and do not require any training! Read short texts such as part numbers, serial numbers or date codes printed using standard industrial fonts or the OCR-A font. Both classifiers support uppercase letters, numbers and the most common punctuation marks. No GPU is required.
The OCR2Demo sample program as well as Open eVision Studio have been updated to support the new functionality.


EasyQRCode now supports Micro QR codes. Micro QR codes are a more compact version of the regular QR codes used when less data needs to be encoded

Check out Multipix Visioniaries @ Play – As they create a demo utilising Euresys Open eVision EasyGauge – watch the software in action!