Wise Up with Multipix Imaging at our ‘What The Eyes Can’t See’ event.

There are several areas of the spectrum that human eyes do not see but certain camera technology can! Multipix Imaging WiseUp day will cover Infrared, Hyper-spectral and Multi-spectral Imaging cameras and techniques which are being used more frequently to collect image data.

Infrared cameras have been used for many years with applications involving temperature. Improvements with sensitivity are always increasing, widening the use for this technology. Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging is all about colour and bandwidths. Although similar technology, each is used for different reasons. For example, one growth area is in farming and agriculture where Multispectral cameras can measure generic characteristics such as if a plant is healthy or not, but hyperspectral images can go much further, and diagnose the exact reason for that state.

This is a growing area, keep ahead of the curve and learn more about these technologies.


Taking place at the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre (AMTC) in Coventry. You can find out more about this venue, including directions here.

Easy access, plenty of free parking and lunch included.

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