MVTec World Tour

Multipix Imaging alongside MVTec will be hosting the MVTec World Tour at Old Thorns Hotel & Resort on the 6th Dec 2022.

This free-to-attend event will showcase the newest releases of MVTec software packages, HALCON 22.11 and MERLIC 5.2.

Presentations will explain new features in HALCON 22.11 and MERLIC 5.2, with in-depth insights into what to expect. It will provide a first look at the new software packages running live including many example tutorials.

Several new HALCON features will be discussed including Automatic 3D Gripping Point Detection, Data Type Memory Block, Guided GradCam, HAILO AI Acceleration Hardware support and Deep OCR for MERLIC.

The presentations will also include a roadmap for upcoming MVTec products, a sneak peek into MVTec’s Research Lab and lots of Deep Learning!

As always, the new MVTec software releases will be introduced with a limited-time promotion. Existing and new HALCON users will benefit from 25% discount on all SDK products for HALCON Steady and new users of HALCON Progress will get 25 extra weeks subscription.

Register below to reserve your seat.