Multipix Imaging will be making its way to CityWest, Dublin to exhibit the latest Machine Vision technologies.

Award winning Photoneo MotionCam 3D camera with its patented technology will demonstrate how robustly and consistently it captures 3D point cloud information from moving items. Discover how this revolutionary technology creates superb 3D automated solutions.

Basler Embedded Vision kits provide developers with all the modular components they need to evaluate a solution leading to a successful Embedded Vision solution. With Basler dart board level camera and embedded processing boards Multipix will demonstrate how Basler pylon SDK camera software comprehensively supports Linux OS

Discover how Deep Learning software tools take Artificial Intelligence to new levels with MVTec’s HALCON Imaging Software.  HALCON can now execute the deep learning inference on Arm-based CPUs, which allows the deployment of deep learning applications on embedded devices without the need of any further dedicated hardware. System Integrators and Vision solutions providers don’t miss HALCON in action.