2019 UKIVA Machine Vision Conference Industrial Machine Vision event.

With over 50 seminars from the world’s leading industrial vision companies, this FREE-to-attend one-day event will give you insight into the latest developments in the industrial imaging world.

You’ll learn from leading experts how machine vision can enhance your business through a wide range of seminars from beginner to expert.  Multipix will be joined by colleagues from our suppliers at Basler, IO Industries, Imperx, Photoneo, MVTec, KAYA and more.

In addition to the latest vision components, Multipix Imaging are set to showcase the advantages of using Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) Camera Technology.  SWIR enables applications to see beyond standard cameras and the human eye. The NIT Wide Dynamic SWIR model is used in a variety of applications including electronic board inspection, identifying & sorting, surveillance, anti-counterfeiting, process quality control, and much more. See for yourself how bruising on fruit appears before your eyes! How objects hidden behind thick fog and haze become clear and products packaged in opaque container become visible! Don’t miss Simon Hickman’s presentation as he explains this clever technology, find him in the ‘Understanding Vision Technology’ theatre at 11-11:30am.

3D Imaging is a further area Multipix will demonstrate with the latest 3D scanners from Photoneo, the Phoxi and the MotionCam-3D models are currently proving to be the best in class. Sensing rapid motion with their own patented ‘Parallel Structured Light’ technology Photoneo scanners are perfect for Bin Picking and Automated-line production solutions.

The show will take place on 6th June 2019, be sure to register for this unique day.

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