High resolution Flare 12MP camera with CMOSIS sensor

Looking for superb high resolution motion capture? Take a look at the IO Industries Flare 12MP, utilising the CMOSIS CMV12000 sensor. The 12 MegaPixel camera boasts frame rates of over 120fps at 4k x 3k resolution. With a dual CameraLink Full-80 interface, it can be easily interfaced to framegrabbers and recorders.

This camera features:

  • 4096 x 3072v, 5.5um pixel size (CMOSIS CMV12000)
  • Pipelined Global Shutter with Correlated Double Sampling
  • Camera Link: Base, Medium, Full, and Dual Full
  • Auto exposure, auto white balance, and programmable LUTs
  • 8-bit and 10-bit output formats
  • Up to 124.27 fps at 4096 x 3072 x 8-bit
  • Up to 99.88 fps at 4096 x 3072 x 10-bit
  • Colour, and Monochrome models available

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