Flare 48MP Series with Latest CMV50000 Sensors

IO Industries Flare 48MP family of industrial video cameras designed with advanced CMOS image sensors, now come with the all new CMV50000 sensors.

These sensors feature high pixel counts, producing highly detailed images with a 7920 x 6004 resolution. The sensor also features very fast readout, allowing frame rates up to 30 frames per second. Multiple region of interest settings (up to then windows) allow lower resolution output formats at much higher frame rates. This flexibility makes the Flare series effective in applications including automated optical inspection systems, space launch imaging and wide area surveillance.

The CMV50000 sensors feature pipelined global shutter technology which allows the sensor to expose a frame during readout of the previous frame, whereas sensors without this feature much either use very short exposure times or be otherwise unable to achieve fast frame rates. Global electronic shutter exposes each pixel in the frame at the same time, as opposed to rolling shutter designs which sequentially expose rows of pixels.

The latter approach leads to motion artifacts as well as uneven frame illumination if any bright flashes occur during the exposure period.

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