FLIR A-Series fixed mounted infrared camera gives peace of mind

The FLIR A series can keep watch on your production site with their infrared eye trained to spot anything that is incorrect. They see an abnormality before it becomes a serious, costly and potentially life threatening failure.

Fixed mounted infrared cameras like the FLIR A310 can be installed almost anywhere to monitor your critical equipment and other valuable assets. It will safeguard your plant and measure temperature differences to assess the criticality of the situation. This allows you to see problems before they become costly failures, preventing downtime and enhancing worker safety.

They are a complete machine vision and remote monitoring system that immediately identify thermal problems that would otherwise go undetected. The built-in logic makes it ideal for safety and security systems, and for product and process monitoring in quality and reliability assurance programs.

The FLIR A-Series thermal imaging cameras are Plug&Play devices that can work together with  third party Machine Vision Imaging software, such as, MVTec’s HALCON.

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