HALCON 11 Imaging Software new features

Machine Vision image processing capabilities get a whole lot better with the launch of Image Processing Software HALCON 11. MVTec have get again worked their magic by including enhancements to 3D tools that are sure to open doors to new vision applications.  See the many new and enhanced features as MVTec launch HALCON 11.

Genuine object identification now becomes a reality with Sample-based identification, capable of differentiating a large number of objects. This technology can recognise trained objects based on characteristic features like colour or texture only, thereby eliminating the need to use special imprints like bar codes or data codes for object identification purposes. This even works with warped objects or varying perspective views of the object, for example a label on a bottle. An additional feature allows for the software to ‘learn’ an object from any side view by using samples showing all relevant angles.

Furthermore, the new 3D surface comparison tool identifies an expected and measured shape of a 3D object surface, a unique technology of HALCON 11. The surface can be reconstructed by any 3D technology available in HALCON like multi-view stereo, sheet of light, or by ready-to-run 3D hardware scanners which are also directly supported by HALCON. The 3D surface comparison evaluates the resulting point cloud with the trained object model.

HALCON’s comprehensive 3D vision features are enhanced and improved by registration and triangulation of point clouds, feature calculation like shape and volume calculation, segmentation of point clouds by cutting planes and many more  to detect and process 3D objects.  Photometric stereo is improved for special use in surface inspection. Conventional surface inspection will now perform 3D surface inspection so scratches, cracks or dents in surfaces are quickly and easily found by taking shadows into consideration. Feature selection for object/defect classification is now made easy with the new automatic feature selection, giving the ability to optimise a bundle of features quickly and therefore creating a powerful solution in a short time.

Lastly, HALCON 11 will now also run on the operating system Mac OS X, entering the Apple world to extend the accessibility of this powerful software package into the world of the Mac OS X users.