One of the most important challenges in imaging software development is the increase of speed. In the creation of machine vision software it is eminently important. Have a look at HALCON 11 and its speed improvements.

  • Faster Algorithms – many HALCON 11 algorithms are now accelerated.
  • Increased GPU support –  HALCON 11 increases the number of operators that can be processed on the GPU to 78 – more than any other software package on the market.
  • Depth from Focus – method has been accelerated by a factor of 3.
  • Fast Fourier Transformation – the fast Fourier transformation has also been considerably accelerated.
  • Local Deformable Matching – HALCON 11’s local deformable matching now is parallelized and as a result runs faster.
  • JPEG Images – reading and writing of JPEG images is accelerated by a factor of 2.