HALCON 20.11 from MVTec is coming!

MVTec’s HALCON 20.11 latest version will be available in both the Steady and Progress editions of HALCON, which means Steady edition users will now have access to all the features released in the past three Progress versions:


Deep Learning Edge Extraction

A new and unique method to robustly extract edges (object boundaries). Especially for scenarios where a variety of edges are visible in an image, MVTec’s deep learning edge extraction can be trained with only a few images to reliably extract the desired edges. Hence, the programming effort to extract specific kinds of edges is highly reduced.

Deep OCR

This new technology brings machine vision one step closer to human reading. Compared to existing algorithms, Deep OCR can localise characters much more robustly, regardless of their orientation and font type. The ability to automatically group characters allows the identification of whole words and the misinterpretation of characters with similar appearances is now avoided.

Improved Shape-based Matching

The core technology of shape-based matching has been improved. More parameters are now estimated automatically. This increases usability as well as the matching rate and robustness in low contrast and high noise images.

HDevelop Facelift

HALCON’s integrated development environment HDevelop has been given a facelift. In HALCON 20.11, more options for individual configurations have been implemented, featuring a dark mode and a new modern window docking concept. Themes are now available to improve to suit individual preferences.

HALCON/Python interface

HALCON 20.11 introduces a new HALCON/Python interface. This enables developers who work with Python to easily access HALCON’s powerful operator set.

What’s the difference between HALCON Editions: Progress & Steady?

Nothing else presents “the power of machine vision” more than our Progress Edition. Thanks to its six-month release cycle, it always offers state-of-the-art-features. HALCON Progress is provided on an annual subscription that automatically renews.

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HALCON Steady offers high compatibility, long-term support and is available as one-off purchase. It receives maintenance updates related to bug fixes. The perfect edition for all those customers whose business model does not require shorter release cycles. Every two years there is a new version.

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