MVTec’s HALCON Now Available for ARM-Based Platforms

HALCON 13.0.1 now available for ARM-based Platforms

HALCON will now be available as a standard download for ARM-based platforms running Linux operating systems. This version will provide a straightforward way to use HALCON’s powerful functions on the widely distributed ARM processing technology, thereby significantly expanding the range of devices on which customers can deploy their machine vision applications. The option to run HALCON on ARM processors also opens up new opportunities and use cases for solution providers.

Historically, HALCON has been ported to embedded platforms like the Beagleboard, Raspberry Pi, and Android systems on a customised basis. For the first time, MVTec is making HALCON readily available for a wide range of  ARM-based platforms as a standard download. Recognising the rapidly expanding distribution of ARM-based platforms in the embedded vision market, MVTec are now offering an ARM compatible version of HALCON for all future versions.

“ARM is a widely distributed and popular architecture in the area of embedded systems,” states Johannes Hiltner, Product Manager HALCON at MVTec. “Now that HALCON is available to run on ARM-based platforms by default, customers can seamlessly use the robust functions of their standard machine vision software in an extremely diverse landscape of embedded systems.”

For information on evaluating HALCON on your ARM-based platform or how to develop applications for use on ARM-based systems, contact our dedicated sales team.

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