HIK CS Areascan camera with lossless compression

The new HIK CS camera range is offering the optional PRO series for increased frame rate through lossless compression and improved image quality, coupled with the highly popular and versatile GigE Vision interface.

Take for example the HIKrobot MV-CS050-10GM-PRO, which uses the IMX264 sensor but due to the lossless compression is capable of 35fps whereas the equivalent camera from the competition is only offering 20fps. Another example is the MC-CS060-10GM-PRO, using the IMX178,  with HIKrobot you can achieve 30fps but only 16fps from many of the competitors cameras.

Other features in the CS range includes, colour correction, lens shading correction (vignetting), denoise filters and in a small housing package of 29x29x42mm.

Be ahead of the game with this is a highly cost effective camera series which is also feature rich and high performance.