HIKRobot 151MP Colour Camera captures the minutest detail

After previously releasing the 151MP monochrome area scan camera last year, HIKRobot have now launched the new colour model. Based on the Sony IMX411 image sensor, the 151MP colour version gives ultra-clear resolution and richer colours to meet the diverse needs of machine vision applications.

With a Rolling Shutter the HIKRobot MV-CH1510-10XC-M72-NF model has a 4 channel CXP-6 CoaxPress interface. The super high-resolution of 151MP at 6.2 frames per second means this new camera is made to capture the minutest detail. The camera supports 16bit data output to give an excellent colour interpolation algorithm, which can reduce colour distortion and better distinguish any colour drift that may occur over time or during a production run.

This latest model is ideal for applications such as; digital screen production with pixel-level defects easily detected, document scanning where high resolution over a large area can be clearly captured and PCB component inspection.