HIKrobot launch 8K GigE Linescan camera models

HIKrobot latest 8K GigE Linescan camera models, with lossless compression function.

Under the GigE interface, it can make full use of bandwidth, remove redundant data compression, increase the line frequency to 2-2.5 times, improve the bandwidth of the Gigabit network port and improve the advantage of the network port application.

Compatible with GigE Vision V2.0 and GenlCam standard.

  • MV-CL084-91GM 8192×4 Monochrome Linescan 14kHz line rate or 40kHz using the compression mode.
  • MV-CL086-91GC 8192×6 Colour Linescan 14kHz line rate or 40kHz using the compression mode.

The camera supports various ISP functions such as bright/dark field correction, Gamma, LUT, white balance, CCM, SC, etc., to help users obtain higher quality image data; at the same time, in addition to programmable exposure, a new acquisition method of pulse width control exposure is now available. Interface with external (soft/hard) trigger signals to fulfill different requirements, such as external lighting conditions and exposure control.

Key Features include:

  • Multi line sensor, Mono model supports 2-TDI & 4-TDI, color model supports 2-TDI mode
  • Support High Bandwidth function, line rate upper limit can be increased 2-2.5 times.
  • Support multiple exposure time control method, including auto, timed, and trigger-width.
  • Support encoder forward, backward, bi-directional recognition. Increase debouncer time accuracy to 100ns level.
  • Support FFC (PRNUC and FPNC). Except for the factory default PRNUC and LUT set, support 3 extra user defined PRNUC and LUT parameter sets.
  • Support ISP functions, including ROI, Binning, ReverseX, Gamma, White balance, LUT, Black Level, Gain, CCM etc.
  • Colour model supports RGB true color output.
  • Colour model supports SC spatial correction.
  • Colour model supports enable/disable CCM option.
  • Extend image height. Lower limit is 64. Upper limit is 40000 for mono, 20000 for color.
  • 4 configurable bi-directional I/O, can be configured as differential input, differential output, TTL input or TTL output. Internal electric design upgrade for I/O signal, increase the anti-jamming capability.
  • M72*0.75 optical interface, back focal length 12mm. F mount lens can be used via an adapter ring (adapter ring needs to be purchased separately).
  • Wide temperature design, working temperature -20 to +55 degreeC