HIKRobot Launches NEW Radiometric Version of Their Thermal Camera

The brand new industrial-grade long-wave infrared (LWIR) camera is named the MV-CI003-GL-T6.

It utilises a high-sensitivity Vanadium Oxide uncooled detector, has a resolution of 640×512 pixels and a pixel size of 17um. It supports a multitude of colour palettes and settings for Brightness, Sharpness and different Gamma Corrections. This new camera has smart features making it capable of area rendering alarms.

The resulting thermal vision camera is ideal for a range of applications, including, but not limited to: Condition Monitoring, Lithium Battery Production, PCB Inspection and Auto Parts Manufacturing. The MV-CI003-GL-T6 is GigE vision V2.0 and GenICam compliant and is able to transmit data in real time up to a maximum frame rate of 50 frames per second at full resolution..

It is extremely adaptable, with small dimensions of 48mmx48mmx117.9mm, four-side mountable and a weight of just 370 grams (approx.). The camera supports 2 temperature ranges:

-20°C < t < 150°C, OR

0°C < t < 550°C

It has a resolution of <50mK and an accuracy of +/-2° making it an excellent choice for many applications.

Like most HIKRobot cameras, it has a very wide operating temperature range: -20 °C to 60 °C

The camera has been very well received since the non-radiometric version was announced in early 2020.  We have no doubt that this radiometric version of the camera will continue to impress all our customers, bringing thermal camera technology into many applications that could not afford to use thermal cameras in the past, due to it’s remarkably low price compared to its rivals!