Moritex’s new Bi-Telecentric Lenses ensure accurate imaging performance on manufacturing lines

MORITEX’s high-performance machine vision lenses ensure accurate imaging performance for machine vision systems used in assembly and inspection processes on manufacturing lines.

These cutting edge optical designs are utilised to achieve high resolution and as little distortion as possible from the centre to edge and even depth of images. These new lenses also include a telecentric lens with a backlight that delivers optimal parallel light irradiation. Combined with these optical technologies, Moritex’s bi-telecentric lenses are ideal for any measurement environment.

These lenses represent a new lens featuring the optical technologies developed through their object-sided telecentric lenses and countless optical products.

NEW- MTI Series

Moritex’s MTI Telecentric Illuminator series is designed to provide the best collimated light performance possible over a large field of view. The MTI models have a flexible design allowing it to be coupled with the various coaxial lights in their LED portfolio.

NEW- MTL Series

Moritex’s MTL bi-telecentric lenses were designed to provide leading performance. Each bi-telecentric lens comes with its own actual MTF measurements (modulation transfer function (space frequency)). This indicates decreased contrast in the number of black and white pattern bars per mm of image plane when black and white pattern bars with continuously changing intensity are formed by the lens. MTF is one way to evaluate a lens’ capability to re-produce contrast.

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