IO Industries Introduce Flat Field Correction for Flare 12MP CoaXPress Camera Models

IO Industries has released a new feature in all Flare 12MP CoaXPress camera models called Flat Field Correction (FFC).

With some camera lenses they do not illuminate equally across the whole sensor (CMV12000). The image would be brighter in the middle, and darker in the corners, but with the FFC feature now in the monochrome, NIR and colour 12MP CoaXPress models this issue will no longer arise. The Flare FFC improves image quality by correcting undesirable shading effects in the field-of-view. This is done using a fast in-camera calibration algorithm that samples multiple sequential frames of a uniform surface. Up to four FFC correction tables can be stored in the cameras memory. This feature is included with all new Flare 12MP CoaXPress purchases, and a firmware update is available for all customers who have previously purchased a Flare 12MP CoaXPress camera.






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