IO Industries Launches New High-Resolution Industrial Video Camera

IO Industries have announced a new high-resolution industrial video camera offering an unprecedented combination of high resolution and high frame rate. The new Flare 50MP features a 35mm full frame global shutter CMOS sensor and can produce 7920 x 6004 images at over 30 fps. With this capability in a compact camera, higher precision and throughput will be enabled for a variety of digital imaging applications.

Comparable-resolution industrial cameras are only capable of generating a few frames per second, which limits the throughput of production lines that use optical inspection for quality assurance. As well, other sensors with such high resolution often exceed the common 35mm full frame size, which limits lens selection to expensive large-format options. The electronic global shutter capability of the Flare 50MP means fast-moving objects can be imaged without the distortion commonly seen with rolling shutter sensors, and that no mechanical shutter is required, eliminating maintenance.

The Flare 50MP provides four CoaXPress digital video outputs which enable high-speed data transmission at up to 25Gbps. High-resolution video can be rapidly sent to real-time image processing systems or uncompressed recorders such as the DVR Express CORE 2 series  from IO Industries. CoaXPress is a standardised interface, featuring  low-cost and flexible coaxial video cabling with long cable lengths up to 40m or longer with reduced data rates.

Highlights of the Flare 50MP Camera series include:flare50mp

• 35mm Full Frame CMOS sensor with global shutter
• 7920 x 6004 resolution with 4.6µm square pixels
• Up to 30 fps at full resolution with 8/10/12-bit formats
• Monochrome and colour models available
• CoaXPress digital output with single/dual/quad-link configurations
• Multiple lens mount options (Nikon F, Canon EF, M58 and more)
• Compact size: 79.7 x 79.7 x 78.0 mm (WxHxD), 610g (with F-mount, no lens)
• Fanless design with low 7.5W power consumption

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