IO Industries Victorem – A New Family Of Industrial Area Scan Cameras

IO Industries is now announcing the Victorem camera series. This new family of industrial area scan cameras are designed around Sony CMOS sensors with either high-speed CoaXPress or SDI video outputs. Cameras available include eight CoaXPress models and three SDI models.

These cameras are suitable for applications in test range instrumentation, unmanned aerial platforms, deep-sea remote viewing, PCB inspection, LCD inspection, factory automation and many more.

Features of CoaxPress models

  • 0.4MP to 20MP models
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Monochrome and Colour CMOS sensors from Sony
  • Long-distance coaxial cabling with power for camera

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Features of SDI models

  • 2K/HD and 4K/UHD/2K/HD models
  • High Dynamic Range CMOS sensors from Sony
  • Multiple 3G/HD-SDI output formats (SMTPE 292/425M)
  • Tri-Level Sync input for multi-camera synchronisation

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