The all in one embedded vision solution as part of the Internet of Things

When it comes to utilising machine vision as part of an Internet of Things sensor network, Basler aim to lead the way.

Basler identified that the biggest issue with using imaging sensors in IoT deployments is the bottlenecking on a low bandwidth network. Using many devices distributed over a network means that large quantities of image data cannot be transmitted over the network reliably. It is possible to adjust image compression and the frame rate to reduce the bandwidth requirements, but this is not always an option and is compounded by possible latency between the sensor capturing an image and the data being received by the processor.

Basler’s approach to this problem is to connect the camera (via MIPI) to an embedded processor board, which processes the image data locally and only transmits the necessary data over the network, thus reducing the demand on the network bandwidth considerably. The advantages of this are obvious when you consider a typical IoT solution have many devices on the network, all of them demanding bandwidth.

The Basler SnapDragon devleopment kit is the all-in-one product solution that can achieve the on-sensor analysis and processing needed to be part of a functioning IoT network.  Based around a dart BCON board level camera with MIPI interface, the kit also includes the Qualcomm SnapDragon processing board and a mezzanine board for direct connection to the camera. This is an IoT ready kit for use as part of a scalable network of multiple devices that can be simultaneously controlled. This may include for example updating the image processing functions or changing camera settings.

Basler Embedded Vision Pylon


Basler proved the power of this by creating two CNN classifiers that were each in turn uploaded to the Basler SnapDragon development kit to perform two very different tasks – all deployed simply via the network (cloud).

Basler’s own Pylon camera software suite, with its Linux ARM version provides the support needed for embedded processors such as the SnapDragon 820 SoC. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about using Pylon’s Linux ARM for your IoT ready solution!


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