Hard-Eyed, the Iron Camera Series From KAYA Instruments

Compact and high speed industrial machine vision cameras

KAYA Instruments latest Iron series is their answer to the demand for industrial grade cameras with small form factors and power consumption, that can also still provide the best video quality in challenging conditions. The KAYA Iron can fit into tight spaces and maintain excellence in low light thanks to the latest global shutter CMOS sensors, including the cutting edge Gpixel line.

They are ideal for applications requiring low light surveillance, special effects, virtual and augmented reality or general 3D data capture. Their size also makes them suitable for drones capturing aerial images or for aerial surveillance.

The KAYA Iron has also been developed specifically with the latest in high speed interfaces, including CoaXPress 2.0 12G, 10 GiGE Vision over CLHS and 12G SDI. This means they are capable of streaming their high quality image data live from a remote setup. All lens mounts are supported as well to round off what is an extremely versatile camera range, the exception being the specialised 3265 model and it’s hugely impressive 65 MP sensor.

Below is a brief video showcasing the quality of a standard setup utilising the medium-high end Iron 255 to stream live surveillance data.

To see the full range of the Iron series follow the link below.

See the full KAYA Iron specs here