JAI Go Series now with Polarisation

JAI extend their GO Series to include the 5.1 MP (GO-5100MP) model utilising the Sony IMX250 MZR sensor. Available in both GigE and USB interface.

JAI’s Go Series delivers an exceptional blend of small size, high versatility and excellent performance, all at an entry-level price. The Jai GO Series is a perfect starting point for a wide range of machine vision applications. The new GO-5100MP model extends the GO Series further with the Sony IMX250 MZR four-directional on-chip polariser.

Un-polarised light consists of light fields that oscillates randomly in more than one plane (angles) along the x-axis, where as Polarised (linear) light consists of an light field oscillating in one plane (angle) along the x-axis.

If you’d like to learn more about Polarisation and the benefit it can bring to certain machine vision application please contact the Multipix Technology Specialists.