Keeping The Lights On With Genesi

Industrial quality lighting specifically designed for machine vision systems

Lighting is a key part of the machine vision chain, whether different coloured lighting, constant bright lights or strobe effects are needed. Our partners Genesi Elettronica understand the fundamental importance of industrial scale lighting and make all their LED lights specifically for use with machine vision systems; without the correct lighting system your solution is set to fail!

Part of what makes machine vision lighting important is the quality and consistency of light it produces, providing the constant for which all imaging data is captured.

See the full details on the Genesi lighting range on our site;

  • GEMHR Linelights – A great alternative to neon lights with both standardised and custom lengths available
  • GES Spotlights – IP67 spotlights for coverage of medium to large internal areas (colours available)
  • GEVX Ultrapower Linear Light – Utilises a focusing lens to achieve extremely powerful, homogeneous light of up to 3.5 million lux
  • GH Backlights – Background illumination specifically designed for machine vision camera systems
  • GEST Ringlights – Integrated logic drivers, capable of continuous or strobe use
  • GEIL Barlights – Barlights specifically designed for machine vision systems (colours available)
  • Voltage Controllers – Compact, low power LED voltage controllers

If you want advice on setting up the best lighting for your machine vision application, Multipix have a wealth of knowledge so please get in touch.

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