Colour Imaging for Machine Vision

There is a growing number of applications where color imaging is both required and can provide significant advantages.

The use of colour in machine vision applications has increased significantly in the past ten years. This has been accompanied by steady improvements in both the camera technology and the algorithms to support color machine vision applications.
As a result, many more machine vision system designers are finding themselves facing new challenges as they embark on building systems where color is a critical factor.

While Bayer technology (left) uses interpolation to estimate RGB values, prism technology separates incoming
light to three precisely aligned sensors so that true RGB values can be captured for each pixel.

Learn more about the unique characteristics of colour imaging in machine vision and find out which colour imaging machine vision technologies best suit your application requirements.

Multipix Imaging offer many different colour cameras including single-chip Bayer and 3-chip prism RGB from JAI

Technical Guide to Colour Cameras and Imaging

As well as hardware, Multipix Imaging also offer image processing libraries dedicated to colour transformation and processing. One example is the EasyColour from Euresys eVision. Learn more about EasyColor Image Processing Library