Machine Vision and Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0 ?industry revolution

The latest buzz word ‘Industry 4.0’ stands for highly intelligent connected processes and systems created through digital networked data communication.

What part does image processing play?

Image processing systems built around industrial cameras are already an essential component in automated production. They form the ‘eyes’ that capture the process and feed back the digital image to be analysed using image processing software. Throughout all steps of manufacturing, from the inspection of raw materials and production monitoring to final inspections and quality assurance, industrial vision cameras are being used across all industries and are an indispensable part of achieving efficiency and high quality standards.

Image recording and processing is a decisive element for capturing the information required for Industry 4.0.

What helps is that industrial cameras continue to become smaller and more affordable, even as performance constantly improves.  Machine Vision Imaging Systems, together with ever-expanding networking capabilities, opens up this potential for new applications and further advancing Industry 4.0.