Unlocking Precision: The Science Behind MidOpt’s StablEDGE Technology

MidOpt StableEdge Technology

Introducing MidOpt’s StablEDGE® Optical Filters: Your Solution for Flawless Machine Vision Imaging in Compact Setups

With the machine vision imaging industry embracing more compact inspection layouts, the demand for highly efficient optical filters has never been greater. MidOpt’s StablEDGE® filters have been meticulously engineered to counter the adverse effects of angular shifting commonly observed when filters are placed in front of short focal length (<12mm) camera lenses.As the trend leans towards space-saving configurations, where cameras and lenses are brought closer to the subject, the reliance on short focal length lenses has skyrocketed. In this evolving landscape, the unrivaled performance of StablEDGE® filters ensures impeccable image quality and consistent results, making them the go-to choice for precision-driven machine vision applications.When working with compressed machine vision setups, traditional coated interference filters often fall short, resulting in contrast loss at the edges of the image. This is primarily caused by the angle imposed by the lens's field of view (FOV), leading to a shift in the passband and allowing short-wavelength ambient light to overpower the subject. Moreover, conventional filters tend to cut off light emitted by LED or laser diode lighting sources.

By leveraging the unique properties of absorptive filter glass, these filters establish an unwavering leading edge in the filter passband, rendering it impervious to shifting, even in the face of lens FOVs surpassing 100 degrees. The benefits don’t stop there – the filter glass also delivers exceptional lower wavelength blocking of ambient light, ensuring impeccable image quality and heightened contrast, coupled with unmatched durability.

At the heart of StablEDGE® filters lies an ingenious blend of interference filter coatings and broad cut-off slopes. By strategically positioning the cut-off slope, MidOpt ensures a sufficiently wide range, while the Gaussian passband profile effectively prevents excessive ambient light from undermining image contrast. The result is an optimal balance, where shifting is contained within acceptable limits, preserving peak transmission and guaranteeing angular insensitivity across the desired range.


The superior capabilities of MidOpt’s StablEDGE® filters shine through when compared to traditional bandpass filters in various scenarios.

Consider the example above of a monochrome camera with a 6mm focal length lens observing a red laser diode-generated line in a dimly lit room. With a StablEDGE® bandpass filter, the entire line remains visible, while a traditional bandpass filter allows only the center of the line to be seen. This discrepancy arises due to the angular field of view (FOV) imposed by the lens, leading to a “short shift” in the outer portion of the traditional filter. In contrast, StablEDGE® filters exhibit exceptional stability, ensuring an unhampered view of the subject.

MidOpt_StablEDGE-Filter-Example_web-1024x442 (1)

The prowess of StablEDGE® filters is further showcased above when white light is projected through a lens and traditional filter, then imaged with a color camera. Only green and orange light appear at the edges of the projected circle with the traditional filter, while the StablEDGE® filter preserves the projected circle’s red hue. Additionally, when red laser light is imaged with a monochrome camera, traditional filters eliminate the orange and green components, causing the white line to vanish at the edges.

Distinguishing itself from all other machine vision filter manufacturers, MidOpt stands proudly as the sole provider of StablEDGE® technology integrated into a comprehensive range of products. The cutting-edge StablEDGE® designs possess remarkable insensitivity to angle-of-incidence variations, endowing them with inherent ruggedness and environmental stability.

The MidOpt StablEDGE® technology is a hallmark feature across an extensive array of filter series, including BP and BN (Bandpass) series, AC (Acrylic) series, LA, LB, and FL (Light Balancing) series, SP (Shortpass) series, as well as LP (Longpass) series filters. This unmatched integration ensures that customers across various applications can experience the unrivaled benefits of StablEDGE® in their machine vision endeavors.

Embrace the future of machine vision filters with MidOpt’s StablEDGE®, raising the bar in performance, durability, and reliability across a diverse range of products.